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Woodlands Historic Park

Location:  Greenvale: Melways Map 177 & Map 178

Access: Oaklands Road (Map 177 Grid J9), Somerton Road (178 Grid C6) and Providence Road (Map 178 Grid F10)
Facilities: Parking, toilets, BBQ’s, partial wheelchair access, historic homestead

Habitat:  Remnants of the most southerly Victorian extent of grassy woodland open forest. The basalt plains flora consists mainly of grasslands, herbs and tussocks with mainly River Red Gum cover. In contrast, the higher areas have an unusual mixture of gums as well as Drooping She-oak. The remnant Grey Box, River Red Gum and Yellow Box woodland character has, for the most part, been retained.  There are granite outcrops at Gellibrand Hill.

Park Notes & Map:   Click here

Typical Common Birds include:  

Whistling Kite; Sulphur-crested Cockatoo; Crimson Rosella; Eastern Rosella; Red-rumped Parrot; Superb Fairy-wren; Weebill; Yellow Thornbill; Yellow-rumped Thornbill; Spotted Pardalote; Striated Pardalote; White-plumed Honeyeater; Red Wattlebird; Brown-headed Honeyeater; Varied Sittella; Grey Shrike-thrush; Australian Magpie; Grey Fantail; Willie Wagtail; Little Raven; Red-capped Robin; Flame Robin; Silvereye; Welcome Swallow; Tree Martin; Common Starling; Red-browed Finch.

Other Possible Birds include:  

Australian Wood Duck; Pacific Black Duck; Spotted Dove; Crested Pigeon; Brown Goshawk; Little Eagle; Brown Falcon; Masked Lapwing; Galah; Purple-crowned Lorikeet; Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo; Shining Bronze-Cuckoo; Fan-tailed Cuckoo; Laughing Kookaburra; Striated Thornbill; Brown Thornbill; Noisy Miner; Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike; Crested Shrike-tit; Golden Whistler; Rufous Whistler; Magpie-lark; Scarlet Robin; Common Blackbird; Common Myna; Mistletoebird; House Sparrow; European Goldfinch.

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Pacific Black Duck
Photographs by Damian Kelly



Updated: 10-May-2015