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River Gum Creek Reserve


Location:  Hampton Park, Melways Map 96.  The best birding is Grids G8, G9 & H9.  More birding is possible by walking further east to Grid J9. 

Access:  Roadside parking approx. 700m along Coral Drive, off Hallam Road, south of Hallam and Pound Roads intersection.

Facilities:  Nearest toilets at Hallam Shopping Centre, Hallam Road.  There are no formed paths around the wetlands but the area is open and walking is easy.

Habitat:  Mix of gums, wattles and brush. Wetlands – open water and reedy marsh areas. Adjacent residential plantings.

Map:  Refer to Melways Map 96

Other Information: The site is a Melbourne Water Wetland created as part of the Dandenong Catchment and has been surveyed by BirdLife Melbourne since July 2007. For further information about the ongoing surveys for Melbourne Water click here

Typical Common Birds include:

Black Swan; Australian Wood Duck; Australasian Shoveler; Grey Teal; Chestnut Teal; Pacific Black Duck; Hardhead; Australasian Grebe; Hoary-headed Grebe; Rock Dove; Spotted Dove; Crested Pigeon; Little Pied Cormorant; Great Cormorant; Little Egret; Australian White Ibis; Straw-necked Ibis; Purple Swamphen; Dusky Moorhen; Eurasian Coot; Black-winged Stilt; Masked Lapwing; Latham’s Snipe; Silver Gull; Rainbow Lorikeet; White-plumed Honeyeater; Noisy Miner; Little Wattlebird; Red Wattlebird; Australian Magpie; Willie Wagtail; Little Raven; Magpie-lark; Australian Reed-Warbler; Little Grassbird; Welcome Swallow; Common Blackbird; Common Starling; Common Myna; House Sparrow.

Other Possible Birds include:

Pink-eared Duck; Blue-billed Duck; Little Black Cormorant; Pied Cormorant; Australian Pelican; Eastern Great Egret; White-faced Heron; Royal Spoonbill; Yellow-billed Spoonbill; Whistling Kite; Swamp Harrier; Brown Falcon; Baillon’s Crake; Australian Spotted Crake; Spotless Crake; Black-fronted Dotterel; Red-kneed Dotterel; Sharp-tailed Sandpiper; Galah; Little Corella; Sulphur-crested Cockatoo; Scaly-breasted Lorikeet; Musk Lorikeet; Eastern Rosella; Superb Fairy-wren; New Holland Honeyeater; Grey Butcherbird; Fairy Martin; European Goldfinch; Common Greenfinch.

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Updated: 20-Sep-2012